About us

The Civil Society Group on Financing for Development and the Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development call for a Campaign of Campaigns to galvanize our collective efforts to address the multiple crises humanity is facing nowadays.

We are in the midst of critical health and humanitarian crises leading to an economic  recession and furthering even more the environmental emergency. The urgency to act collectively is more relevant than ever.  Despite the urgency, and due to the very harsh conditions the global crisis is imposing, civil society and social movements are working in silos. Now more than ever there is an opportunity to act collectively, to call on governments and international institutions for radical action.

The atomization of efforts is such that no strong voice has been heard so far with a coherent list of demands with enough support to be echoed in global, regional and local spaces. Great efforts are arising from every front to address the present challenge with proposals of systemic reforms, and yet actors are working in their own networks, not receiving the amplification they deserve. On the other hand, the urgency to respond to day-to-day dynamics, including facing oppressive regimes / reduced funding / deepening inequalities within their own contexts, are limiting the capacity of civil society and social movements to react in a cohesive and joint manner. All actors are exhausted by the work they are doing, but the duplication and lack of a larger vision is also discouraging. The aim is to garner all main efforts under a common umbrella to amplify our impact.

Our approach will be to enhance the value of the current virtual activity unfolding these days. By supporting existing processes within social / economic / environmental movements, we can galvanize more visionary and ambitious messages as well as positions. Building alliances to link the ongoing virtual sessions, conversations and seminars under a larger purpose, will be a good way to enhance the individual efforts at the same time that a common objective is set in the horizon.

The organizing effort will be on devising the general objectives and mapping the relevant actors (such as indigenous peoples, the feminist movement, trade unions, environmental justice movement, economic justice movement, human rights, UN Special Rapporteurs, and so on).