Development impacts of PPPs

Our demands

  • We reject the World Bank Group’s Maximising Finance for Development (MFD) approach that implies a problematic ‘private finance first’ attitude to development finance and rather unrealistic assumption that private finance will appear to fill the financing shortfalls. While donors and institutions promote a ‘Billions to Trillions’ narrative and blended finance, whose development impact is yet to be proven, the reality is they are not living up to their own commitments and are instead regressing.
  • There is a need to reaffirm the centrality of public policies and investments. We call on governments to declare a moratorium on funding, promoting or providing technical assessment for PPPs and ‘private finance first’ approaches until an independent review into their development outcomes is completed.
The dimension of Gender Equality

Alliances with the private sector without clear human rights, gender equality and environmental integrity provisions have been aggressively promoted to “enhance implementation” of the Sustainable Development Goals. This, while paying deaf ears to the recommendations of several UN Rapporteurs on poverty and human rights, on debt, on indigenous people’s rights and others. Public-private partnerships and other modalities have undermined the public sector, reduced the benefits for populations, left uncovered crucial sectors in dire need of investment (under the argument of being “high risk”) without taking into consideration the longer-term benefits, and actually led to mega-projects with questionable environmental, social and economic impacts.

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