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Take a look at the Digital New Deal essay series. In these essays, authors reflect on the current global Covid moment and its challenges from various standpoints and how the digital fits into this equation

In this essay, Mariana Valente and Nathalie Fragoso addressed the differential impacts of the datafication of social protection on marginalized populations, using examples from existing literature and our own research. We then engage with existing reflections on social protection and datafication to highlight the importance of a data justice framework for the current global political and economic context.

“The excesses of intelligence capitalism present an unprecedented urgency to reimagine sociality and reinvent the institutional architectures for a new world. We need to revitalize our theories of agency, social subjectivity, and planetary wellbeing; revamp the norms and rules that determine rights; and revisit the political practice of feminist solidarity”. Anita Gurumurthy and Nandini Chami