Food Systems

A different socio-economic configuration is needed to define a path for food systems that are just and sustainable. Food provision has been linked to free market policies affecting biodiversity, ecosystems and genetic resources protection for the People and the Planet. Often agricultural products are exchanged as commodities, private entities hold rights to GMOs research and development, large corporations rule the food production through demand, and international institutions have greater power over food policies.

This call is an open invitation to join a process of building joint strategies around essential issues for the life and wellbeing of our Peoples and communities: food, health, nature, people’s sovereignty, and economic, social, gender and climate justice. It is a call launched by Indigenous Peoples, social movements and grassroots organizations of small-scale food producers, peasants and family farmers, pastoralists, fisherfolks, food and agricultural workers, landless, women, youth, consumers and urban food insecure and other civil society organizations (CSOs) who have been fighting for decades to protect food sovereignty and defend food as a fundamental human right.

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